Burgundy, France: The 7 best restaurants

Burgundy, France: <strong>The 7 best restaurants</strong>

Burgundy is full of culinary and cultural riches, offering a multitude of opportunities to those who wish to explore and have a gourmet getaway. Stunning landscapes, historical heritage, picturesque towns and villages and various local culinary specialties, this French region is primed for producing unforgettable moments. La Ruchotte® has rounded up a list of the 7 best gourmet restaurants in Burgundy, France.

Ferme de la Ruchotte’s selection of the best fine dining restaurants in Burgundy, France

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1 Michelin Star Restaurants: Among the best gourmet restaurants in Burgundy, France

Aux Terrasses: Restaurant in Tournus

Aux Terrasses is a gourmet Michelin Star restaurant in Tournus, Burgundy that offers an extraordinary dining experience. The restaurant’s decor has been carefully selected to immerse its guests in a warm, harmonious atmosphere using natural elements like stones, wood and metal. This careful curation extends to the kitchen, where each ingredient is selected with attention and rigor, only to be sublimated by creative recipes. At Aux Terrasses, you will discover unexpected, gourmet and modern dishes, made from local products. The Chef’s savoir-faire is evidenced by the audacious combination of traditional specialties and innovative techniques, accompanied by some of the region’s best wines.

Jean-Michel Carrette: Michelin Star Chef at one of the best restaurants in Burgundy, France

The gourmet restaurant Aux Terrasses is counted among the best starred restaurants in Burgundy, France. Jean-Michel Carrette took over the restaurant from his father in 2005 after completing his studies at some of the most renowned establishments, such as the Tour Rose in Lyon and the Maison Troisgros in Roanne. From the moment he took over the restaurant, he has imbued his father’s recipes with his creativity and innate chef’s intuition to his delicious recipes, while staying true to Burgundian traditions.

Telephone: +33 3 85 51 01 74
Email: courrier@aux-terrasses.com

Le Chapeau Rouge

Let’s continue our exploration of the best restaurants in Burgundy with a real local landmark. The 2-star Michelin Chef William Frachot is dedicated to bringing you an unforgettable culinary experience. The Chapeau Rouge restaurant in Dijon offers extraordinary gourmet cuisine made from local products, as well as exceptional wines selected by the sommelier Maxime Brunet - awarded best young sommelier in France in 2013. The menu is brimming with creative and refined recipes that are well worth the detour. This Michelin starred restaurant in Burgundy is also part of the Grandes Tables Du Monde.

Telephone: +33 3 85 87 65 65
Email: contact@chapeau-rouge.fr


If you are visiting Burgundy in search of some of France’s finest food, Lameloise simply is a must! Located in Chagny, this three Michelin Star restaurant has established a solid reputation thanks to its Chef Éric Pras. A true cooking enthusiast since the age of 15, who apprenticed under some of France’s greatest chefs including Bernard Loiseau and Pierre Gagnaire and winner of prestigious award « Meilleur ouvrier de France » in 2004. Pras he drawn the best elements from each experience to develop his own culinary language.
This Michelin Star restaurant is located close to Beaune in Chagny (36 Place d’Armes), on a magnificent little village square.

Telephone: +33 3 85 87 65 65
Email: reception@lameloise.fr

Caves Madeleine

A hidden gem in the heart of Burgundy, this restaurant is one of the best in the region. Anchored in an elegant, cozy atmosphere where conviviality reigns, Cave Madeleine offers dishes represent the terroir and perfectly paired wines. Chef Martial Blanchon prepares ingredient-driven dishes that showcase the products he carefully selects from local purveyors.

Telephone: +33 3 80 22 93 30
Email: contact@cavesmadeleine.com

Le Clos du Cèdre

Located in Beaune, Le Clos du Cèdre is one of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Burgundy. Its Chef Jordan Billan creates inventive and fragrant dishes with passion. The restaurant was once a winegrower’s mansion, today it offers a refined and cozy setting nestled in pristine gardens.

Le Montrachet

Chef Romain Versino crafts refined, instinctive and mouthwatering dishes. Charolais beef, Bresse chicken or pike-perch from the Saône River, he sublimates Burgundy’s finest products with passion. Montrachet’s wine cellar has a large selection of wines, from the region and beyond its borders.

La Marande

This gourmet restaurant, located in a charming stone house in Montbellet, Burgundy, has a Michelin star. La Marande’s menu features seasonal dishes, accompanied by exceptional wines, in a contemporary and elegant atmosphere. Michelin Star Chef Philippe Michel creates traditional recipes imbued with expert knowledge gleaned from some of France’s greatest chefs.

Frédéric Ménager Chef at Ferme de La Ruchotte & his fine French fare

Ferme de La Ruchotte: gourmet organic farm-to-table restaurant in Bligny-sur-l’Ouche

The Ferme de la Ruchotte’s famous Chef Frédéric Ménager has refused the Michelin Guide’s proposal to come to his restaurant on two occasions. Nevertheless this gourmet Burgundian restaurant has been receiving rave reviews from clients, culinary critics and some of France’s most famous Chefs.

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Chef Frédéric Ménager is a specialist in traditional French country style cuisine infused with high-end elements. He is a master in the art of sublimating the products from his organic, eco-friendly and self-sufficient farm. La Ruchotte’s® menu is full of mouthwateringly original gourmet dishes elaborated with seasonal products, a majority of which are from Chef Ménager’s farm.

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Located in Bligny sur Ouche near Beaune in Côte d’Or, France, the fine dining restaurant Ferme de la Ruchotte® welcomes you for lunch Wednesday to Sunday. To reserve a table, please use our reservation form or call us at +33 3 80 20 04 79. Gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, let us know if you have any specific dietary needs and Chef Frédéric Ménager will rise to the challenge, crafting a customized meal that will meet all of your expectations. Follow us on social media to stay-in-the-know about upcoming events at La Ruchotte®!

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