Gourmet dining experiences event calendar at Ferme de La Ruchotte

Events calendar

A one-of-a-kind restaurant in France, Ferme de La Ruchotte® is a gourmet organic farmhouse inn and restaurant located near Beaune. Our restaurant team is helmed by the famous and alternative Chef Frédéric Ménager - specialist in haute cuisine bourgeoise who previously worked as sous chef to the three Michelin Star Chef Alain Chapel and as roaster for three Michelin Star Chef Pierre Gagniaire. Chef Ménager also works in the fields surrounding the restaurant as a farmer and vegetable gardener. Also an accomplished musician, he has designed several exclusive and authentic gourmet dining experiences. His gastronomic cuisine - praised by the greatest Michelin Star French chefs and highly-acclaimed by the press - is inspired by his childhood memories. Chef Ménager understands ingredients from the perspective of both famer and chef. His mouthwatering, extraordinary menus are designed around the seasons using products from his organic farm to get the most out of each ingredient from their beginnings to their last act on your plate, bringing you a completely unique gourmet dining experience.

Events calendar

Lunch at the farmhouse inn and restaurant Ferme de La Ruchotte

Discover the La Ruchotte carving knife

The Ferme de La Ruchotte® farmhouse inn and restaurant is located in Bligny sur Ouche just north-west of one of the world’s most famous wine villages Beaune, France. The restaurant is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday, featuring a unique 5-course price-fixed meal called La Grande Ruchotte® (62€/person).

Frédéric Ménager has selected certain dates throughout the year, often Sundays, to host extravagant gourmet dining experiences whose menus are even more gourmande than the daily menu. After his first and now famously successful Vol au Vent® gourmet dining experience consisting of a 9-course menu, Chef Ménager set out to create another otherworldly 5-course culinary experience the Ragoût de Homard de l’Île de Sein.

The breadth and depth of the Cave de La Ruchotte® wine cellar’s offerings are quite impressive, with bottles from major grape-growing regions, including Grands Crus from Burgundy as well as exclusive and obscure varietals; a marvelous gustative experience all on its own.

If you eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, the Chef can adapt his dishes if you let us know when you make your reservation. It is possible to gift one of these gourmet dining experiences with our feast gift certificates available on La Ruchotte’s® e-shop.

Gourmet dining experience event calendar 2022 – 2023

The 4-season Vol au Vent

A once-in-a-lifetime feast & gourmet dining experience

Crayfish, truffles, poulard, asparagus, pike, quenelles... As the seasons pass and shift, so do Chef Frédéric Ménager’s menu offerings keeping beautifully in tune with the seasons and the land. A true gourmet dining experience, this 9-course tasting menu pays homage to the 18th century French Haute Cuisine Bourgeoise.

Vol au Vent event dates

La Ruchotte’s® signature 9-course culinary feast takes place only 12 times each year.
Price: 150€ per person (excluding drinks)
Reservations are limited to a maximum of 35 guests per date

September 25, 2022 Fully booked
October 30, 2022 Fully booked
December 11, 2022 Fully booked
November 27, 2022 Fully booked
January 22, 2023 Spots available
February 12, 2023 Spots available
February 26, 2023 Spots available
March 19, 2023 Spots available
April 9, 2023 Spots available
May 7, 2023 Spots available

France’s greatest Michelin Star chefs and press reviews unanimously agree that Frédéric Ménager’s fine farm to table French fare is beyond comparison. Chef Ménager’s haute cuisine bourgeoise and his Vol au Vent® feasts are an invitation to happiness, an extraordinary gourmet dining experience...

In-depth information about Vol au Vent

The Ragoût de Homard de l’Île de Sein

Frédéric Ménager’s latest tasting menu inspired by Alain Chapel’s Grande Cuisine

With this new creation, Chef Frédéric Ménager invites you to discover lobster in all its beauty. You can look forward to 5 courses, including indulgences such as lobster broth with herbs, lobster claws with butter, stew made with lobster from Île de Sein, vegetables from our garden, broth monter au beurre with coral butter and all manner of decadence from this once-in-a-lifetime feast. An original and exclusive gourmet dining experience that elegantly balances salty sea and earth elements.

Ragoût de Homard de l’Île de Sein event dates

As this 5-course tasting menu is a brand-new event we currently only have 7 events planned.
Price: 100€ per person (excluding drinks)
Reservations are limited to a maximum of 35 guests per date

(The first lunches in this series will take place in 2023.)

April 16, 2023 Spots available
April 23, 2023 Spots available
May 21, 2023 Spots available
June 25, 2023 Spots available
July 16, 2023 Spots available
July 23, 2023 Spots available
July 30, 2023 Spots available
September 10, 2023 Spots available

In-depth information about Ragout de Homard de l’Île de Sein

La Ferme de La Ruchotte’s other events

Over the past few years, La Ruchotte’s® dedicated followers, Frédéric Ménager’s partner Carole and some friends have been pressuring him to organize more events. He finally gave into their demands and has recently added special events to La Ruchotte’s® calendar: themed dinners, live music, wellness retreats run by Carole, Burgundy wine tastings hosted by local vineyards and much more.

Live Music

Frédéric Ménager, our alternative Chef and music devotee sports a long hipster beard and his forearms are flanked with tattoos that reflect his rebellious side. Recently Chef Ménager has added organic gourmet experiences accompanied by live music to the roster of events at Ferme de La Ruchotte®. These events are standing room only, allowing you to get within arm’s reach of the musicians. This intimate concert setting is paired with an unforgettable spread of organic, local and seasonal cuisine. Following the first highly-acclaimed concert held in September 2022, the Chef should soon announce a date for the next concert. Our famous metalhead Chef has even proclaimed that this event should become a monthly staple. As soon as the schedule is finalized, we’ll post the dates here.

Holistic health and wellness retreat

Chef Ménager is particularly attuned to all things under the umbrella of well-being. He brings this passion into everything he creates, as reflected in the very ethos of La Ruchotte®, to which its singular character, health centric and authenticity can attest. On a daily basis, he takes great joy in taking care of the animals and plants on his self-sufficient and eco-friendly farm. His partner Carole shares in his passion, working as a multi-talented holistic therapist. From time to time, she organizes events at La Ruchotte® focused on wellness, featuring Hashta Yoga classes, meditation sessions and other energy treatments. During these events you can look forward to tasting healthy cuisine with an Ayurvedic touch. Stay in-the-know by joining La Ferme de La Ruchotte’s® newsletter of by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

Make your reservation at the farmhouse inn and restaurant La Ferme de La Ruchotte

Located in Bligny sur Ouche, north-east of Beaune, the gourmet farm-to-table restaurant La Ferme de La Ruchotte® serves lunch by reservation only from Wednesday to Sunday. To reserve your table, you can fill out our reservation form or call +33 3 80 20 04 79. If you eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, the Chef can adapt his dishes if you let us know ahead of time when you make your reservation. Follow us on social media to stay-in-the-know about upcoming events at La Ruchotte®!

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