"Organic guinea fowls, ready to cook, available for sale starting March 1st!"

"The organic guinea fowls, raised in accordance with organic standards, offer a culinary experience rich in flavors and varieties. La Ferme de La Ruchotte offers its finest guinea fowls, aged 7 months and ready to cook, starting March 1st. Raised on the very lands of La Ruchotte, a place untouched by chemical fertilizers for over 20 years, these guinea fowls benefit from expert breeding. Organic feed and ample space make the guinea fowls raised by Fred Ménager a reference on gourmet tables!"

Order your organic guinea fowls at 0380200479 or via email HERE!

The breeds of organic guinea fowls

Guinea fowls have been raised for centuries for their flavorful meat and their ability to adapt to different environments. Among the most common breeds raised organically, we find:

  • The Numidian guinea fowl: originating from Africa, this breed is recognizable by its bluish-gray coloration and imposing size. It is renowned for its tender and flavorful meat.
  • The Gascony guinea fowl: mainly raised in France, this breed is distinguished by its dark gray plumage with white spots. It offers delicate and fragrant meat, highly appreciated by gourmets.
  • The Bourbonnais guinea fowl: originating from the Bourbonnais region in France, this breed is characterized by its gray-blue plumage and striped neck. Its meat is tender and juicy, with subtle notes that appeal to the most discerning palates.

Organic breeding practices

Organically raised guinea fowls benefit from an environment that respects their well-being and sustainable breeding practices. They are fed with organic feed, free from GMOs and pesticides, and have access to outdoor space to move around and feed naturally. Organic breeding conditions promote the development of superior quality meat, which is more flavorful and healthier.

The flavors of organic guinea fowls

The meat of organic guinea fowls stands out for its firm and tender texture, as well as its delicate and fragrant taste. Due to their natural diet and outdoor lifestyle, organic guinea fowls offer flavorful meat, slightly firmer than that of chicken, with subtle nuances that vary depending on the breed and breeding. Whether grilled, roasted, or simmered in a fragrant sauce, organic guinea fowl reveals all its finesse and richness of flavors, delighting gastronomy enthusiasts.

The organic guinea fowls from La Ferme de la Ruchotte represent a quality culinary choice, combining tradition, environmental respect, and gustatory pleasure. Their careful breeding and unique characteristics make them a preferred option for those seeking flavorful and healthy meat, produced through agriculture that respects nature and animal welfare.
Order your organic guinea fowls at 0380200479 or via email HERE!
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