The Vol-au-Vent in Pictures!

The Vol-au-Vent in Pictures!

Frédéric Ménager, an unconventional chef and breeder at the gastronomic restaurant La Ruchotte®, a farmhouse inn located in Côte d’Or, offers an impressive nine-course tasting menu. This menu celebrates the haute cuisine bourgeoise of the 18th century, following the rhythm of the seasons. Crayfish, truffles, poulards, asparagus, pike, and other quenelles are masterfully enhanced by this former sous-chef of Alain Chapel’s restaurant, a Michelin three-starred chef. At his domain in Bligny-sur-Ouche in Burgundy, Frédéric, or "Fred," invites you to experience authentic gastronomy. Here, you can savor a Vol-au-Vent® made with the finest seasonal ingredients, ensuring high-quality, seasonal cuisine.

An exceptional tasting menu by Frédéric Ménager

Having already won over and impressed the most discerning palates, whether they are professionals, experts, or connoisseurs, this exceptional menu perfectly represents French haute cuisine in its purest tradition. Due to its undeniable success, the Vol-au-Vent® now attracts gourmets from all over the world to Côte d’Or, to the gastronomic restaurant La Ruchotte®, to savor some of the most emblematic dishes of the 18th century.

  • Small frogs in a persillade sauce
  • Poultry liver terrine with beef bone marrow, Loire crayfish bisque and pan seared crayfish
  • Poultry Quenelle with tarragon and a tarragon broth
  • Stew of cockscomb and kidneys
  • Veal Quenelle with truffles and truffle emulsion
  • Whole roasted veal sweetbread with truffle juice
  • Pike Quenelle with crayfish broth
  • Vol au Vent, rack of veal, veal kidney, roasted poultry, crayfish, truffles, butter puff pastry, Albufera sauce
  • A selection of cheeses and the dessert of the day

Discover the Dishes of Vol-au-Vent at La Ferme de la Ruchotte

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La Ferme de la Ruchotte is pleased to announce the launch of the reservation of its first cutting knife. A knife designed and studied based on more than 20 years of cooking expertise, exceptional grip and flawless sharpness. Frédéric Ménager has put all his know-how into the development of this kitchen “instrument” like no other. Many steps were necessary to achieve a result that fully met Frédéric Ménager’s expectations!

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