Wellness retreats with Carole Meric at the Ferme de La Ruchotte

Wellness retreats

A Hatha Yoga teacher, among many other talents, Carole Meric - our very own Chef Frédéric Ménager’s wife - organizes wellness retreats throughout the year at La Ruchotte® Farm. These events are focused on revitalizing your energy at its very source through meditations, Ayurvedic cuisine and Energy healing.

How to sign up for La Ruchotte’s wellbeing retreat?

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La Ruchotte’s® wellness retreats take place each year and are span several days. Each day provides a mix of treatments, Ayurvedic meals, yoga, meditation and a moment to share our experiences. Those who have already had the unique pleasure of experiencing La Ruchotte® will not be surprised that the location is perfect for this type of event. Food has a major role on our overall health and well-being. This event will be added to our calendar of upcoming events as soon as we schedule the dates. We will also share more information on our social media so that you won’t miss out. Carole Meric also offers yoga classes, meditation sessions and other customized energy healing sessions in small groups and privately. If you would like more information, feel free to contact her!

Contact Carole Méric

About Carole Meric

Her personal moto: Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is one of the best things that you can do for your body energy and spirit.

Faced with the omnipresent stress of our daily lives, receiving a specific treatment in a calm setting can bring you deep relaxation, allowing you to realign with your health and well-being. The benefits are numerous and when we become aware of them, taking care of ourselves can quickly become an art of living.

What is energy healing?

The treatment always begins with a discussion about your general wellbeing. That takes place in a calm place at La Ruchotte® that cultivates relaxation and a more efficient treatment. Each session generally lasts one hour.

"I get in touch and connect with the person, then I perform the treatment by channeling energy to several parts of the body. This is done by laying my hands along the recipient’s body, from their head to their feet. I hold this position for a few minutes. Depending on how I feel, I may have to hold the position for longer or shorter periods of time in order to unblock certain areas of the body."

An alternative path

My initiation

"Ever since I was a child, I have always wondered about the meaning of our lives and have always been attracted to spirituality. Once I became an adult, it felt natural for me to follow this path, like a traveler searching for the "higher meaning" that I am connected to, sometimes without knowing why. I took this path very early in life, because I found it naive to believe that once I was an adult I would be mature enough to define my identity, spirituality and personality. And since then I have been experimenting with various valuable tools along the journey: my relationships with others, spiritual guides and knowledge I have gained during various apprenticeships."

Discovering Hatha Yoga

"The great journey, the return to oneself, began in 2004 with seven years of work in Gestalt therapy. From then on, I was insatiably curious and I embraced my drive to take care of my body and my soul. First and foremost through Hatha Yoga, which I practiced intensely for twenty years. Four of those years were spent training for a diploma from the French Federation of Hatha Yoga."

My personal quest

"Upon recieving my diploma, I lived in an Ashram, specializing in children, handicapped individuals, pregnant women, yoga in elementary school and disabled children. I was always accompanied by spiritual guides, such as the orthodox monk Brother Jean, the Buddhist monk Lama Lanang Riponché, the Hindu monk Swami Veetamoananda, the Ayurvedic practitioner and energy Doctor Laurence. I recently met Gilda, a shaman from Flanders who has been working with me for about two years."

"[My quest is] an authentic quest for healing and spirituality, with the hope of finding ‘something somewhere.’ Some people understand very well what I am talking about! Peace, answers to my questions, fellowship, confirmation of what I believe…
I often take long roads without any visible horizon, as well as shortcuts. Sometimes my heart is filled with light, sometimes I am only driven by my curiosity, which leads me to joyful enlightenment, as well as to completely bitter disappointment. BUT! It doesn’t matter! Spiritual journeys are always very special moments, sometimes they feel ‘suspended,’ which often leave unexpected traces that lead me even further into myself...
Every time, they are intimate and strong experiences. Behind what may seem to be a journey through chaos, discouragement and doubt, there is, and will always be, another way of approaching this other aspect of myself, this divine self, like a beautiful Love story"

To stay in-the-know about upcoming events or to contact Carole, please fill out our contact form or call us at +33 3 80 20 04 79.
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