One of the best restaurants in Beaune, France serving gourmet farm-to-table fare in Burgundy

The family

There’s a reason why some of France’s greatest Michelin Star chefs recommend the farmhouse inn and restaurant La Ferme de La Ruchotte® as one of the best restaurants in Beaune, France. In addition to Soizic, Justine, Nicolas, Gaëlle, Félicie, Catherine, Wolfgang, Steve and Carole who work alongside La Ruchotte’s® Chef Frédéric Ménager on a daily basis, he has surrounded himself with several indispensable partners. This family-oriented restaurant is anchored in culinary philosophies centered around using exceptional products that are preferably local and ethically sourced. The restaurant’s meteoric success is largely propelled by Chef Frédéric Ménager’s family and their shared commitment to these core values. Not only do Chef Ménager’s actual family members play key roles as artisans, foragers and craftsman, our renowned alternative Chef carefully handpicks each of his suppliers to ensure the best possible ingredients and products. Overtime his trusted partners have become pivotal members of the La Ruchotte® family, working in lockstep to allow Chef Ménager and his kitchen team to craft his signature Haute Cuisine Bourgeoise dishes – breathtaking masterpieces beautifully attuned with the seasons.

The family

The La Ruchotte family

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The Faïencerie de Gien

Earthenware imbued with timeless beauty.

The Maison Jean Denaux

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Margain Marée

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L’Or des Valois

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The Liadou du Vallon

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Nicolas Berger

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Pigeons de Pornic

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The Maîtres de mon Moulin

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The Fromagerie de Saunière

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The Fromagerie des Roies

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Bœuf Éthique

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An organic farmhouse inn and restaurant: One of the best restaurants in Beaune, France

Locals & the press agree La Ruchotte is one of the best restaurants in Beaune, France

La Ruchotte: Bucking traditions and Michelin stars

At the outset of his career, Fred Ménager worked as sous-chef at three Michelin Star chef Alain Chapel’s restaurant. Ménager honed his skills as roaster in the esteemed kitchen of Pierre Gagniaire (three Michelin Star chef). La Ruchotte’s® Chef Fred Ménager has an unconventional view of this famous restaurant guide, preferring the praise of his peers and sparking joy in his clients as they taste his gourmet French country style cuisine. Countless prestigious chefs have lauded his culinary skills, recommending his restaurant without a second thought. Our alternative “tattooed metalhead farmer Chef” is perfectly content with receiving accolades from countless other guides and renowned press publications.

“My Guide is the people who come to eat here. All the rest isn’t worth a moment’s thought.”
Frédéric Ménager

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One of the best restaurants in Beaune, France for an organic gourmet meal

Culinary and tourist guides as well as renowned journalists are lauding Chef Ménager’s cuisine largely due to the fact that Ménager’s recipes reflect his perspective as both farmer and chef. This unique vision allows him to craft authentic gourmet dishes with a rustic flare that sidestep trending culinary methods. The Ferme de La Ruchotte® - located just a stone’s throw from Beaune - offers extraordinary menus inspired by the bounty of Chef Ménager’s organic farm, providing a unique gastronomic experience, to which he alone holds the key. His cooking ethos is rooted in a deep respect for nature and articulated through fresh, seasonal and local ingredients. By fostering deep relationships with dedicated regional farmers and purveyors, guests can taste this passion on the plate.

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Located in Bligny sur Ouche, north-east of Beaune, the gourmet farm-to-table restaurant La Ferme de La Ruchotte® serves lunch by reservation only from Wednesday to Sunday. To reserve your table, you can fill out our reservation form or call +33 3 80 20 04 79. If you eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, the Chef can adapt his dishes if you let us know ahead of time when you make your reservation. Looking to gift the perfect gourmet experience? Follow us on social media to stay-in-the-know about upcoming events at La Ruchotte®!

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20 years of know-how!

La Ferme de la Ruchotte is pleased to announce the launch of the reservation of its first cutting knife. A knife designed and studied based on more than 20 years of cooking expertise, exceptional grip and flawless sharpness. Frédéric Ménager has put all his know-how into the development of this kitchen “instrument” like no other. Many steps were necessary to achieve a result that fully met Frédéric Ménager’s expectations!

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