Ferme de La Ruchotte’s menus & specialties: Organic farm-to-table French fare

Menu and Specialties

The Ferme de La Ruchotte® embraces ecological food culture by featuring a unique daily menu - entitled La Grande Ruchotte® - that shifts according to seasons and the products sourced from the restaurant’s sustainable organic farm. On certain dates throughout the year, La Ruchotte® holds extraordinary fine-dining feasts, offering you the ultimate luxury experience of exploring French haute-cuisine masterfully reinvented by Chef Frederic Ménager. Also working as a farmer on the estate, our alternative chef has a deep understanding of seasonality backed by years of experience working with renowned 3- Michelin Star chefs, Michelin Alain Chapel and Pierre Gagnaire. Chef Ménager welcomes you to La Ruchotte® in Bligny sur Ouche, France – a place where farmers, chefs, diners and artisans come together to push the boundaries of sustainable farming and eating.

Menu and Specialties

The Ferme de La Ruchotte’s three menus

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La Grande Ruchotte

La Grande Ruchotte® Price-Fixed Menu: 68€
The 5 Courses: An amuse-bouche, two entrées, a main course featuring vegetables from our garden, a selection of cheeses and a dessert.

La Grande Ruchotte® is a mouthwateringly authentic 5-course meal. A top-quality gourmet lunch, featuring healthy ingredient-driven dishes. Chef Fred Ménager has a deep understanding of seasonality, imbuing each recipe with his deep knowledge of traditional French cuisine and products sourced from his organic farm.

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The Chef’s latest creation: The Ragout de Homard de l’Île de Sein

Price-fixed Menu: 100€
The 4 Courses: An amuse-bouche, an entrée, a main course, a selection of cheeses and a dessert.

Chef Frédéric Ménager’s latest creation, this gourmet menu was crafted in celebration of lobster, but not just any lobster mind you, the highly-prized lobster from Île de Sein. After tasting the Maison Margain Marée’s exceptional lobster, Chef Ménager knew he had to put his creativity and talent to the test by accompanying its original flavors with locally-sourced ingredients in order to offer you the ultimate gourmand culinary experience.

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The Vol-au-Vent: An elevated ode to French country style cuisine

Price-fixed menu: 150€
The 9 Courses – An amuse-bouche, three entrées, three main courses, a selection of cheeses and a dessert.

La Ruchotte’s® Chef Frédéric Ménager’s signature price-fixed menu: this 9-course gourmet tasting menu honors a style of 18th century middle class French home cooking while elevating it with elements of high-level cuisine. Crayfish, truffles, poulard (or young chicken), asparagus, pike and quenelles (A perfectly smooth scoop of any soft food that instantly upgrades your plating and gives dishes a sophisticated touch). Tailored to the shifting seasons, this mouthwateringly authentic dining experience is created using only the finest in-season products.

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Organic farm-to-table restaurant specializing in fine traditional French fare

Chef Frédéric Ménager’s original dishes and authentic flavors

Frédéric Ménager’s organic farm-to-table restaurant in Beaune, France

La Ruchotte’s® famous and alternative Chef limits his meals to accommodate only 20 to 35 privileged guests. He proposes a high-end ecologically sustainable cuisine, that is a delicate blend of no-frills rusticity and sophistication. He sublimates the products from his farm with his creativity, savoir-faire, dedication and passion, resulting in dishes at the pinnacle of bliss point, bursting with authentic flavors:

  • Traditional savory Gougère Bourguignonne puff pastries
  • Salad of vegetables from our garden served with an olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing, herbs and flowers, topped with beet ice cream
  • Poached egg with an emulsion garden-fresh herbs and pineapple sage fritters
  • Melon soup, marinated raw zucchini, tomato confit, olive oil
  • Chef Ménager’s farm-raised Dindon Rouge des Ardennes Turkey roasted and slowly cooked in its juices
  • Boudin made with our farm’s pigs accompanied by quince compote
  • Pâté en croûte made with our farm’s pigs, pistachios, candied gizzards, fermented vegetables
  • Ikejime method Pikeperch from the Loire River, red wine sauce, old-fashioned garnish consisting of bacon, sautéed mushrooms and brown-braised onions
  • Pan-fried ceps foraged from local woods, bacon made with our farm’s pigs, flat parsley
  • Quenelle made with our farm’s poultry in a consommé, Burgundy truffles
  • 9-month-old poultry from La Ruchotte® roasted in a pressure cooker with juice
  • Poached pear with verbena
  • Cream tarte with blueberries from Bérangère
  • Profiteroles made with Nicolas Berger chocolate, vanilla ice cream, cocoa beans

"He is a remarkable cook and an exceptional vegetable gardener whose environmentally-conscious and sincere approach allows him to make ingredient-driven dishes that highlight true flavors.”
Éric Pras (3 Michelin Star Chef)

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TheFerme de La Ruchotte: an organic farm-to-table restaurant with no set menu

It is not uncommon to find La Ruchotte’s® famous frogs’ legs on the à la carte menu of this organic farm-to-table restaurant. The menu often features freshwater fish, which is usually sourced from the Loire River. Frédéric Ménager designs his dishes around what’s in season and what can be foraged from local forests in order to bring you carefully curated and continually evolving daily menus.

An extensive wine selection

The Ferme de La Ruchotte’s® wine cellar is full of hidden treasures, from the finest grands crus to the chef’s confidential vintages. La Ruchotte’s® price-fixed menu does not include drinks so that guests can indulge themselves in the perfect wine to meet their desires and budget.

Dishes designed with seasonal, local and ethically-sourced products

Dishes designed with awareness

Chef Ménager’s fierce will to push the boundaries of sustainable farming and seasonal cuisine drove him to establish a destination for fine French cuisine that is anchored by a unique menu that features quality, ethically-sourced meat and ecologically-farmed produce. The permaculture farm and restaurant La Ruchotte® allows Ménager’s vision to come to fruition as the daily harvest gives inspiration and direction to the daily menu. When the ingredients enter the kitchen our chef with the soul of a farmer lets his creativity and talent shine, executing dishes for your enjoyment that highlight and elevate each ingredient.

Ethically-sourced products from dedicated purveyors

Over time, La Ruchotte® has established a trusted "family" of suppliers, who have become irreplicable partners. They have found common ground with Frédéric Ménager due in part to their shared values: passion for their work, which they carry out with deep respect for the planet and those inhabiting it. La Ruchotte’s® menu features products from extraordinary purveyors, including: citrus fruits from Bachès, Roland Feuillas’ flour, cheeses from the Ferme de Guyotte, Ferme des Marronniers and Fromagerie de Val-mont, Pigeons from Pigeons de Marie, meat from the Boucherie Jean Denaux, candied fruits from Maison Florian, spices from Georges Collin, Burgundian truffles from L’Or des Valois and beverages from the Distilleries Rochelt and Coq Licorne, to name but a few.

Customizable menus at the Ferme de La Ruchotte organic farm-to-table restaurant

Are you vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free? The Ferme de La Ruchotte’s® Chef is more than happy to tailor his menu to your dietary needs if you give him ample time to adapt his menu. If you don’t like one of the dishes, he will challenge you to find the perfect alternative.

Our calendar of upcoming dining experiences

If you are interested in giving the gift of one of Chef Frédéric Ménager’s dining experiences to your special someone, check out the La Ruchotte® e-shop. Note that the "Gift Menu" is comprised of the La Grande Ruchotte® Menu for 2 people and a bottle of wine for 174€.

Reserve your table

All of Frédéric Ménager’s gorment meals - Vol-au-Vent, Ragout de Homard de l’Île de Sein, and La Grande Ruchotte® - are available by reservation only. The organic farm-to-table restaurant Ferme de La Ruchotte® is located in Bligny sur Ouche, north-east of Beaune. We serve lunch by reservation only from Wednesday to Sunday. To reserve your table, you can fill out our reservation form or call +33 3 80 20 04 79. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in-the-know about upcoming events at La Ruchotte®. Follow us on social media to stay-in-the-know about upcoming events at La Ruchotte®!

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