The Homard de l’Île de Sein: A gourmet dining experience by La Ruchotte

The Homard de l’Île de Sein Tasting Menu

The famous Chef Frédéric Ménager’s invites you to the ultimate gourmet dining experience exploring classic French fare with a modern interpretation in the heart of Burgundy at his organic farm-to-table restaurant near Beaune, France. This highly refined tasting menu, honors the lobster from Île de Sein. Inspired by this exceptional shellfish, our alternative Chef has put his talent, savoir-faire and creativity to the test to bring you a gourmet dining experience that lives up to its reputation. The Ragoût de Homard de l’Île de Sein feast will launch in 2023 at the Ferme de La Ruchotte®, one of the best gastronomic restaurants near Beaune, France.

The Ragout de Homard de l’Île de Sein: Our Chef’s latest creation inspired by Alain Chapel

Frédéric Ménager’s Haute Cuisine gourmet dining experience

“Lobster in all its glory, a bliss point of salty sea and earth elements.” This is the essence our Chef works to capture in this original 4-course meal. Learned in the most heavily-guarded secrets to cooking this exclusive crustacean, Chef Ménager brings you the latest addition to his roster of gourmet dining experiences at his restaurant located near Beaune.

Price: 100€ per person, excluding drinks.

An unforgettable culinary experience

What delicacies await you?

This gourmet dining experience will leave you with unforgettable memories. Your tasting menu starts with an amuse-bouche, perfect for opening your appetite and prepare your tastebuds for what will follow: ragout of lobster from the Ile de Sein, vegetables from our garden, broth monter au beurre with coral butter

  • Lobster and herb broth, lobster claws with butter
  • Stew of Lobster from Île de Sein, vegetables from our garden, broth monter au beurre with coral butter
  • A selection of cheeses
  • Dessert of the day

Hard-to-get cult wines to little-known gems

This gourmet dining experience does not include drinks, allowing you to select a wine in accordance with your taste and budget. La Ruchotte’s® Wine Cellar houses the finest grands crus and our oenology-loving Chef’s favorite hard-to-get wines. An array of excellent wines awaits you. La Ruchotte’s® Sommelier will have the opportunity to open a singular wine, pairing it perfectly to your meal, expectations and budget.

Embark on a gourmet dining experience at La Ruchotte restaurant near Beaune, France

Highly-acclaimed by the greatest chefs

As the numerous recommendations and awards it has received attest, the Ferme de la Ruchotte® is much more than just a simple "gourmet restaurant near Beaune."

The greatest French chefs are giving praise to La Ruchotte’s® Chef Frédéric Ménager, from Éric Pras (3 Michelin Star Chef) to William Frachot (2 Michelin Star Chef). Our Chef has declined this famous guide’s advances on two occasions, finding that receiving recognition from his starred peers to be a much better testament to his talents.

"The first freedom I gave myself when I came here as a chef was to refuse the Guides. The Michelin Guide called me twice but I told them I didn’t want to meet with them. My guide is the people who come to eat here. All the rest isn’t worth a moment’s thought."
Frédéric Ménager

Some of the most popular French newspapers such as Le Monde and Libération, unanimously agree that Ménager’s cuisine is of the utmost quality and have lauded his gourmet dining experiences.

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A sublimated interpretation of French country style cuisine

Frédéric Ménager works as chef, chicken farmer and vegetable gardener at the Ferme de la Ruchotte®, pushing the boundaries of sustainable farming and eating with his deliciously authentic gourmet dining experiences. Before opening his farm-to-table restaurant, Frédéric Ménager honed his skills as sous-chef for Alain Chapel (3 Michelin Star Chef) and as roaster for Pierre Gragnaire (3 Michelin Star Chef). Chef Ménager pairs his expert skills with his passion for locally-sourced, seasonal and organic food to reinvent traditional French country style cooking by injecting it with the meticulous preparation and careful presentation of Haute Cuisine.

A unique gourmet dining experience at our farm restaurant near Beaune

La Ruchotte® does not have a set menu, our Chef masterfully shows his clientele the virtues of cooking and eating along with the seasons by building a constantly changing daily menu that is inspired by what his organic farm and nature have to offer. Chef Ménager has the utmost respect for the heritage breed livestock he raises on his farm. The unique menu is enhanced by our Chef’s latest hidden-gem discoveries, all of which are anchored by the restaurant’s central pillar of sustainable farming and eating. This gourmet dining experience features a 5-course tasting menu, brimming with all manner of decadence.

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Upcoming dates for the Ragoût de Homard de l’Île de Sein

The latest addition to La Ruchotte’s® roster of gourmet dining experiences, this exquisite tasting menu will launch in 2023. We have fixed 7 dates for this 4-course tasting menu that is available by reservation only.

Price: 100€ per person (excluding drinks)
Limited to a maximum of 35 guests per event

  • April 16
  • April 23
  • June 25
  • July 16
  • July 23
  • July 30
  • September 10

If you would like to gift this once-in-a-lifetime gourmet dining experience to a loved one, La Ruchotte’s e-shop® features gift vouchers for exclusive access to this event.

Reserve your gourmet dining experience brought to you by Ferme de La Ruchotte restaurant near Beaune

Ready to surprise your tastebuds? Ferme de La Ruchotte® restaurant located near Beaune in Bligny sur Ouche welcomes you to enjoy this exceptional Sunday lunch on the abovementioned dates. Feel free to call us to inquire about booking availabilities at +33 3 80 20 04 79 or fill out our reservation form. Follow us on social media to stay-in-the-know about upcoming events at La Ruchotte®!

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