Chef consultant Fred Ménager:offering expertise in gourmet cuisine and sustainable agriculture

Chef Consultant

Fred Ménager, Ferme de La Ruchotte’s® famous alternative Chef is a many-faceted man – his talents include being a musician, Heritage livestock breeder, vegetable gardener and a recognized specialist in French Haute Cuisine. Ménager also offers consulting services in gourmet cuisine and sustainable agriculture. La Ruchotte’s® Chef consultant endeavors to share his experience with as many people as possible.

Chef Consultant

Gourmet cuisine & sustainable agriculture consulting

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Consulting backed by 20 years of experience in agriculture and 39 years in the food service industry

"With 20 years of experience in agriculture and 39 years in cooking and the food service industry, I will accompany with my extensive experience. Whether your project is agricultural or gastronomic or both. My goal is to offer you a project that meets your needs, while respecting a precise schedule that is in-line with Ferme De La Ruchotte’s® ethics. Ethics that bring it strength: Permaculture, livestock breeding and creating a garden as well as designing menus, recipes, wine lists, etc...”
Fred Ménager

Fred Ménager: Chef consultant

Fred Ménager: musician, Heritage livestock breeder and vegetable gardener

Fred Ménager is an alternative chef consultant. The majority of the ingredients he uses to create his signature French country style Haute Cuisine are grown or raised on his organic permaculture farm. Praised by the press and recommended by his Michelin Starred peers, our chef consultant is also a musician, Heritage livestock breeder and vegetable gardener. At the Ferme de La Ruchotte®, Fred Ménager raises the animals he uses in his cuisine and grows the fruits and vegetables that make up his unique, seasonal menu.

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Consultant: Chef & eco-friendly agriculture

Chef Ménager hopes to share his unique experiences by offering consulting services in fine dinif and sustainable organic agriculture. Ménager is a highly-experienced culinary expert who is able to advise and leverage his foodservice and farming expertise to provide a wide range of information about vegetable gardening, livestock breeding and high-end cuisine.

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Feel free to contact Fred Ménager ratining in sustainable agriculture or the gourmet foodservice industry. Please fill out our form or send him an email to the following address:

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